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Elegant Homes Property Management
Total Quality Property Management System - Services


Association Services

·     Organization of Elections

Organize election of Board Members in compliance with the Association’s governing documents and all applicable local, state and federal laws.

Prepare, post and/or mail notices for meetings as applicable.

·     Board and Membership Meetings

Prepare post and mail notices for meetings as applicable.

Attend Association meetings.

·     Agendas and Minutes

-       Assist in the preparation and distribution of agendas and minutes of meetings.

·     Enforcement of Associations’ Covenant, Conditions and Restrictions.

Frequent inspections to identify violations, if any.

Forward violation notices to unit owners and enforce rules, as applicable.

Refer matters to Board of Directors and Association’s Attorneys, as applicable.

·     Property inspections

-       Inspect properties minimum twice per month.

·     Risk Management & Risk Financing (Insurance).

(Liaises with the Association’s Insurance advisors).

Risk Assessment

Risk Control Measures.

Obtain insurance quotes.

Analyze Insurance.

Maintain insurance coverage/policies.

·     Processing of applications for the lease and purchase of units.

-       Background and credit checks for all lease and purchase applicants.

Collate and submit completed applications for Board consideration and approval, if applicable.

Forward notice of Board decision to applicants.

Other related activities

·     Emergency contact 24 hours X 7 Days a week.

·     Licensed CAMs with Florida Licenses in related fields who support the Board of Directors and keep the Board informed of relevant legislative changes.      

·     On staff: College trained Community Social Worker.      



Accounting & Financial

·          Collection of Association assessments

-       Regular and special assessments (Online Payment, Lockbox, Direct Deposit & Mail In).

-       Collaborate with lawyers in collections relating to delinquent accounts (recommendations can be made for attorneys who specialize in collections for community associations).

-       Estoppels

·          Monthly financial reports

-       Balance Sheet

-       Income Statements

-       General Ledger Details

-        Delinquency Reports & Prepaid Reports

-       Bank Reconciliations

-       Supplementary Schedules

·          Financial Audits

-       Collaborate with auditors in the preparation of association annual financial audits.

-       Distribute year-end audited financials.

·          Budget preparation

-       Coordinate annual budget preparations

-       Reserve funds

·          Collaboration in the preparation of annual tax returns

-       Collaborate with accountants in the preparation of annual tax returns as necessary.


 Maintenance Management

·          Supervision of general repairs and maintenance.

Janitorial/cleaning service.

Lawn and Landscape maintenance.

Irrigation systems.

Plumbing, Masonry, Air Conditioning, Electrical, etc.

Recreational Facilities: Tennis Court, Pool, Gym.

Find, hire, supervise and pay contractors.

Validate contractor licenses and insurance.



 Project Management

·          Organization of major repairs/construction projects.

-       Roof, Road resurfacing, Painting, Plumbing, Air conditioning, Masonry, etc.

-       Warranty Review 

·          Assistance in developing “Terms of Reference” for bids.

·          Evaluation of bids and preparation of bid analysis for Board review.

·          Negotiation of contracts.

·          Liaison with contractors during repairs/construction projects.

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